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Apple News

Apple Shares Algorithm Secrets

If you keep an eye out for all news ASO, then you might have seen a little article published by the Wall Street Journal about Apple. In it, the authors go after the tech giant, accusing Apple of rigging the App Store to promote its own apps and thwarting competitors.  The basic premise of the […]

Tips & Tricks

7 Tips for Choosing your ASO Keywords

When someone goes to the search page of the app store to look for new apps (excluding branded terms), they’re more than likely going to look for something general, like “food delivery”, “coloring games”, “photo editor”, etc. If consumers aren’t searching for your specific app, then how do you make sure that people are finding […]

Tips & Tricks

3 things you didn’t know affect your app rank and how to fix them

App Store Optimization is a dynamic practice. All app stores are constantly changing and improving their algorithms to best serve their user bases and help them find relevant, useful and beautifully functioning apps. This can cause a lot of headaches for ASO efforts. Today, we will go over 3 variables that could be affecting your […]

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