Graphic Assets & Split Testing

Our design team manages the creation and split testing of all on-page graphic assets. Conversion rates play a major role when it comes to increasing downloads, but also, did you know that conversion rates actually are extremely important when it comes to keyword rankings? Higher conversion rate means better rankings.
Expert Designers
Our design team is full of experts with years of experience working on mobile apps. We've fine tuned our process of creating designs based on data, rather than opinions.
Split Testing
Our team manages split testing in both the App Store and Play Store. Our teams are consistently designing, analyzing and iterating to improve conversion rates.
The localization of assets is critical to the ASO process. Designs are not just translated, we identify designs, messaging and themes that work in each target country.

Conversion rate optimization

Split testing in the app stores should be a top priority for apps of all sizes. Our team manages the creation and split testing of all on-page graphic assets in any country and language. We take your testing to the next level with a proactive approach to testing and iterating.

Strategy, research & planning
Our process starts with strategizing on new assets and testing opportunities. We factor in previous tests, category trends and competitor assets to create a plan of action.
Creative asset production
We then kick off the production of the necessary assets, including icon, screenshots, feature graphics, and all other graphic assets that are required by your app.
Test, analyze & iterate
Once complete, our team manages the split testing of all assets. We analyze results and devise plans for iterating proactively in order to improve conversion rates.

Design assets

We create any and all graphic assets associated with your app, from icons to in-app event artwork, featured in-app purchases to feature artwork, we leave nothing untouched.

Feature Graphic
In-app purchases
In-app events
Feature artwork
Developer pages
Promotional content

Conversion rate KPIs and results

Successful split testing

We aggressively and proactively split test to continue to learn, improve and iterate. We're constantly testing new ideas and designs to improve conversion rates.

Improvement in conversion rate

The main objective of our conversion rate optimization process is to improve conversion rates. Our testing and iterating process is designed to do just that.

Increase in organic downloads

By improving conversion rates, we're able to increase organic downloads. This is the end objective of conversion rate optimization.

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