App Page Localization

Localization is one of the best ways to increase app downloads. Our team can help identify new markets and create localized optimizations, graphics and videos for any country around the world.
Research Tools
All of our tools are designed to collect data in any and all countries. Using our research tools we're able to identify the top keywords and trends.
Country & Culture
We customize our optimizations, graphics and videos for each country based on data and trends, but additionally, culture.
Native Speakers
We utilize our native speakers internally and our network of local speakers around the entire world. Our services support any/all languages in the app stores.

Localization services

Expanding your app's reach via localization is one of the best ways to increase visibility and downloads. Often times, localization is overlooked or performed incorrectly. Our team has the experience and tools to help you localize your app for any country and any language.

Country-specific strategy
Our team performs country-specific research to identify and analyze the top keywords and competitors in any country. Each country's approach is unique and we customize our strategy for each country.
Localization technologies
Our technology is built to support any language in the app stores. We utilize our technology to identify the top keywords and trends in any country. We also utilize our technology to track the performance of our optimizations.
Culturalization approach
Users in different countries have different cultures and expectations. We utilize our expertise, knowledge and network of native speakers to ensure that our optimizations, graphics and videos are culturally relevant and appropriate.

Localization elements

Our localization efforts focus on any and all elements on your app's page in each individual country. Localization is not limited to just keywords, but also graphics, videos, descriptions and more.

Short descriptions
Long descriptions
In-app events
App icons
Featured in-app purchases
Preview videos
Custom product pages
Custom store listings

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