Your app’s biggest ASO challenges, solved

Earlier this week, we challenged you to try our App Store Optimization Checklist to determine the state of your ASO strategy. How did you do?

Chances are you may have made a little progress in a few areas, are completely missing out on others, or maybe this is your first real look at what you are losing out on for your app! No matter where you fall on the spectrum, we are here to help. Let’s run down the checklist and explain that there is a solution for each of these actionable items.


☐ My app is highly visible in organic search and ranks well for my “main” keyword

Improving search visibility is at the core of an effective app optimization strategy! Using our proprietary technology, we analyze and identify keywords that will maximize your ASO efforts and search visibility.


☐ My app’s icon and screenshot graphics are visually striking and call users to download my app

Graphics looking a little… blah? Rest easy while we assemble an analysis of your current on-page elements, review competition and determine the ideal graphics and on-page elements for your app. Our in-house design team has created screenshots for some of the top apps on all platforms!


☐ I consistently Split Test my app’s graphics and Play Store short description

So you think you’ve designed and written the best content for your app? Well, how do you know if you haven’t tested multiple options? Don’t let this task seem daunting. We split test every element on the app’s page to make sure that your app is converting as many users as possible.


☐ My app takes full advantage of title and description text and uses relevant keywords

Text elements (title, keywords, description, etc.) are an essential part of your ASO strategy. We craft your ideal 100 character keyword list, title and description that will generate the maximum number of installs from targeted users. Our professional ASO-trained content writers generate descriptions in order to explain the value proposition of your app to users, while providing strong ASO benefits.


☐ My app has a lot of backlinks and I continually focus on link building

Link Building is an old tactic when it comes to SEO, but for your ASO strategy, this is a more modern and effective approach. Building links to your app can provide additional exposure, algorithmic benefits and higher web rankings. We target authoritative sites in order to generate effective content and links thus improving the overall marketing and PR strategy of our clients.


☐ I’ve optimized my Apple Search Ads campaigns to increase visibility and decrease my CPA and CPT costs

With our clients, we’ve successfully improved Search Ads impressions by over 200% and decreased Search Ads CPA/CPT costs by 20-50%. You have enough to manage with your app! Let our Apple Search Ads experts optimize your campaigns in order to maximize your spend. If you haven’t tried Apple Search Ads, we will explain their merits and set up your campaigns for you. Plus, did you know? Collecting analytics from Search Ad campaigns can aid in your ASO strategy, and ASO knowledge can improve the effectiveness of campaigns.


☐ My app generates Reviews and I respond to user Reviews/ I update my app with the newest technologies and implement user feedback

Sometimes user reviews can be a challenge to obtain, and a difficulty to manage. Take a load off while we assemble key points of information from your user reviews that can be enacted in our ASO strategy or recommended for your development team.


☐ I’ve localized my app for additional countries to maximize global exposure

Localization can open a whole new world of opportunity for your app. Many times, developers may not know the benefit of localizing their app’s page through App Store Optimization. With our clients, we manage the localizations of the app’s page, using keywords that are localized, not just translated!


And there you have them! All the solutions to the ASO Checklist Challenge are services provided by The ASO Project. Are you ready to get started with your customized ASO strategy? Contact us today!


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