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Search Ad Management

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Search Ad Management

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Search Ads went live in the App Store last week, and they’re already proving to be an effective acquisition method for a lot of developers. Apple’s Search Ads platform provides a simplistic approach to advertising, while still providing robust insights into your campaign’s performance. Here at The ASO Project, we have decades of Search Ad management experience, and we have identified some keys to optimizing Search Ad campaigns in order to maximize spend.

How are Search Ads and ASO related?

First and foremost, utilizing the keyword popularity tool is an extremely effective way to identify keywords for your app. When it comes to advertising, in order to maximize spend, it’s crucial to convert the users that tap on your Ad. One of the areas we focus on with our clients is their app page conversion rate. Looking at the graphical elements on the app page and the first line of the description is a crucial piece of ASO, and through Apple’s Search Ads, these elements are equally important. Apple doesn’t allow for customization of the ad, utilizing either the first 3 screenshots or the first line (~100 characters) of your description. These elements are a crucial piece of your ad and can make or break the effectiveness of your campaign.

Keywords & Appropriate Bids

Search Advertising requires a constant upkeep and monitoring of the results of your campaign. While Apple’s “Search Match” is a great resource for a basic campaign, understanding and targeting specific keywords, based on research and ASO efforts is another crucial piece of a successful Search Ads campaign.

Another important part of the overall Ad managment is placing appropriate bids. While bidding higher can earn more traffic, it’s important to understand statistics about your users, conversion rates, and identify your LTV or ARPU. We work with clients to understand all of these statistics and utilize our partner integrations with AppsFlyer, Adjust & Kochava in order to better target users based on times of day, demographic information and more.

Our Solution

Since Apple launched Search Ads, we’ve had the chance to dig into the platform, test the ads and identify key factors for the most effective campaigns. Believe it or not, Search Ads really are a part of ASO. Here at The ASO Project, we’re proud to announce our Search Ad Management service. Let us help optimize your campaigns, increase conversions and maximize spend.

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ASO Tip of the Month:

Apple’s Search Ads platform is a great way to research keywords and learn about your ASO acquisition. Run a small test campaign to see where installs are coming from and what keywords convert well.

Grant Dunham | Senior Data Analyst & Optimization Coordinator |

Grant Dunham
Senior Data Analyst & Optimization Coordinator

After serving 4 years in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry Rifleman at the rank of Corporal, Grant started his professional career with The ASO Project in May of 2015. Grant has an extreme passion for financial & data analysis, and brings a set of analytical skills to better research and coordinate App Store Optimization strategies. His experience in data analysis, along with his attention to detail from the time in the Marine Corps insures the quality of the research and optimizations supplied to our clients to best serve them with their ASO needs.


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