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The Future of ASO in 2017 and Beyond

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The Future of ASO in 2017 and Beyond

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Over the last few years, we’ve seen more and more factors included in an app’s ranking. ASO used to focus solely on the “basic” elements of an app (keywords, titles, descriptions, graphics, reviews, etc…), but now there’s so much more that goes into an app’s overall ranking. Algorithms are looking at relevancy, install velocity, backlinks (yes, SEO backlinks), usage, uninstall rate, among others. Going into 2017, if a developer has not focused on ASO for their apps, they are already way behind. What that tells us though, is that developers are becoming more conscious of their optimization efforts and attaining success through ASO is becoming increasingly difficult. For an app to stand out from the crowd and rank organically, it’s crucial to have a dedicated, consistent approach to App Store Optimization utilizing cutting edge technology.

A successful ASO strategy requires a strong understanding of the app stores and how their algorithms work. In addition to understanding the marketplace, one needs to understand their consumer. How are users finding their app? How does their app differ from the competition? How can they target keywords and search terms that are the most relevant to their users? How does one convey that value once the user reaches their page?

Understanding these elements and answering these questions are the first steps to successful App Store Optimization. By implementing changes that help to answer the previous questions and focusing on researching the most relevant keywords and terms, one can achieve a certain level of ASO success. But what else?

Infographic - New Years - The ASO Project

The “Other” Factors

As the app stores have become more saturated and competitive, Apple, Google, and Amazon have added complexities and external factors to their algorithms. As I mentioned before, these algorithms now take into account elements like relevancy, install velocity, backlinks, usage, uninstall rate, among others. The most important piece of ASO is a “good” app. An app that engages users, keeps users interested and is consistently opened is much more likely to rank higher than an app that gets opened once and then uninstalled.

Backlinks are an interesting concept when it comes to ASO, but with our clients, we have strong case studies and evidence that quality backlinks have played a significant part in improved rankings. Our team’s approach is to build high quality links that function as a PR and marketing channel, in addition to improving your algorithmic rank. Building PR and getting your app exposed in various blogs can be a channel to acquire users, in addition to improving rankings.

Why is ASO so important?

Paid advertising is a great approach to obtain installs quickly, but it can become extremely expensive to maintain a consistent flow of users. The way to maintain that growth and achieve a higher ROI (Return On Investment) from one’s users is to work on improving one’s organic rankings. A vast majority of users (in all stores) are finding apps through search. By focusing on ASO, one is able to reach users who are looking for the desired app. With a number of our clients, we observe and monitor the ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) of both their organic and paid users. Through increased rankings and conversions, we consistently see a higher ARPU from organic users.

Supplementing organic growth with other channels is a great way to jump start an app, but organic growth is the key to a long-term, cost-effective acquisition strategy.

The ASO Project

My initial interest in App Store Optimization began about 4-5 years ago when my previous company produced and launched apps in the App Store and Play Store. In the years since ASO has dramatically changed, and with these changes I saw the need for a dedicated ASO strategy. We researched, tested and then developed technology to help craft the most effective optimizations possible. Since the time The ASO Project was founded, we have added a number of new services in order to improve and maximize the value for our clients and most importantly to keep them ranked ahead of the competition.

Our core services go beyond a typical ASO approach. Our packages include keyword research, competitor analysis, the crafting of all text-based elements, producing new graphics for the app’s page, building quality backlinks, Search Ad Management and more.

At The ASO Project, we focus on robust, comprehensive App Store Optimization strategies that help maximize an app’s exposure. As the app stores continue to grow at an exponential rate, it has become more important than ever to form a successful ASO strategy.

We invite you to speak with us about growing your app’s organic exposure and building a consistent source of valuable users. Contact us today for your free consultation!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Todd Dunham
CTO & Co-Founder

Todd Dunham | CEO & Co-Founder |

Todd Dunham
CEO & Co-Founder

An expert in the technology field, Todd owned a development company prior to co-founding The ASO Project, launching websites and applications used by hundreds of thousands of users across the globe. As CEO, Todd oversees all operational aspects of The ASO Project, and was integral in developing The ASO Project's proprietary algorithm and scoring methods used in the ASO process. Todd has vast experience with the App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Store, deploying apps through all different categories. As a former four year NCAA Division I baseball player, Todd understands and appreciates the competitive and fast paced world of technology. Always improving our software, Todd is a large factor in keeping The ASO Project ahead of the competition.


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