Google Play is Reinventing Trust & Safety for Users

Google Play, the world’s largest app store, is continuously evolving to ensure that its platform remains trustworthy for its vast user base. With the increased emphasis on user privacy and data security, app developers and businesses need to stay abreast of the changes to maintain their reputation and user trust. In the latest edition of Notes from Google Play, Jacqueline Hart, who leads the team responsible for navigating developers through Google’s policies, shared some pivotal updates on how Google Play is enhancing the app policy experience and bolstering user trust.


A Revamped Policy Experience for Developers

Timelines and Deadlines

Google Play is redesigning the App content page in the Play Console to offer a clearer view of developers’ outstanding tasks. A new timeline view will soon make spotting deadlines for new and updated declarations more straightforward. Furthermore, Google will soon display not only existing declarations but also forthcoming declaration requirements, ensuring developers have ample time to prepare.

Insights on Third-party SDKs

To aid developers in making informed decisions, Google Play will soon provide critical information about third-party SDKs. This includes notices on the Google Play SDK Index regarding any SDK version that might breach Google Play’s policies. Moreover, SDK-related policy issues will soon be directly available on the Policy status page, making it easier for developers to stay updated about their app’s policy status.

Target API Requirements

To ensure apps benefit from the latest security updates and platform enhancements, Google Play mandates apps to be built for the newest Android versions. Developers will now find it easier to determine if their app is affected by these requirements, with the Policy status page outlining any potential impact.

Additional Support for Developers

Google Play is launching more avenues to support developers, such as:

  • The Developer Help Community: A platform where developers can discuss everything from the Play Console to the latest policy changes.
  • The Google Play Strike Removal program: This initiative helps eligible developers remove certain enforcement strikes after completing a related Play Academy training course.


Building User Trust with the Data Safety Section

To help users make informed decisions, Google Play introduced the Data safety section, emphasizing account data transparency and controls. Developers are urged to update their Data safety form before the December 7, 2023 deadline, with users set to see the new information in store listings by early 2024.

Special Focus on VPN Apps

Recognizing the sensitivity around VPN apps, Google Play will soon display a banner for the VPN app category, urging users to check the app’s Data safety section before downloading. This banner will highlight a shield icon, indicating the app has undergone an independent security review. Leading VPN developers like NordVPN, Google One, and ExpressVPN are early participants in this program. This initiative aims to provide more transparency to users about the apps they choose.



A Look into the Future

Google Play is committed to bolstering user confidence in the apps and games they download. This includes new endeavors like the developer verification process for new Play Console accounts. As Google Play works towards establishing itself as the most trusted app marketplace, developers and businesses can anticipate more updates that prioritize user safety and trust.

In closing, as Jacqueline Hart aptly put it, “thanks for partnering with us to make Google Play a safe, trustworthy platform.” As developers and businesses, it’s imperative to align with these changes, ensuring that user trust and safety remain at the forefront of app development and marketing.


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