New Apple Search Ads Today Tab Format

Starting in December, Today tab ads will expand in size and become more dynamic, featuring custom product page assets that animate in the background. This transformation is designed to draw more attention to your app in a space where first impressions are everything.


What’s Changing?

  • Larger Ad Size: The new ad format will be larger, giving your app more space to stand out.
  • Dynamic Backgrounds: Custom product page assets will animate in the background, adding a layer of engagement to your ad.
  • Center-Stage App Icon: Your app icon will be prominently displayed at the center, accompanied by the app name and subtitle entered in App Store Connect.
  • Color Schemes: The background animation will feature a color extracted from your app icon, ensuring visual coherence and brand recognition.

Campaign Adjustments

With the introduction of this new format, we may see TTR increase so developers may need to re-evaluate their bid and budget due to potential increases in tap volume.


Running Your Ads

  • Compatibility: The new format will be available on iPhone devices using iOS 17.1 and later.
  • Existing Campaigns: If you have existing campaigns, they will automatically transition to the new format in December without requiring any action on your part.
  • New Campaigns: For new campaigns, once your materials have been approved for one Today tab campaign, you won’t need to seek approval again to run in the same country or region, unless there are updates in your App Store Connect.


Tap Destination

Your ads will continue to require a custom product page as the tap destination. The custom product page’s app preview video asset(s) will not animate in the background.



This is the third iteration on the Today Tab placement and it’s clear Apple is working on creating the best possible placements for advertisers. The evolution of Today tab ads is an exciting opportunity for developers to showcase their apps more vividly and engagingly. By preparing your custom product pages for the dynamic animations, you can ensure your app captures the attention it deserves on one of the world’s most visited digital storefronts. Keep an eye out for these changes in December and start planning how your app can shine on the App Store’s front page.


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