Boost ASA Performance with SAM

If you’re looking to improve your Apple Search Ads performance and ROI, look no further. Our Apple Search Ads Manager (known internally as SAM) utilizes Apple’s API, along with our technologies to supercharge ASA management. SAM introduces bulk actions, custom automations and rules, MMP integrations and more in order to maximize your ASA results.

Apple’s Search Ads platform leaves much to be desired when it comes to the efficiency of management, automations and attribution. This is where our Apple Search Ads Management service and SAM come in. Our team works to develop customized strategies for your ASA campaigns, and layers on our MMP integrations, automations and technologies in order to supercharge performance.


How can we help improve your ASA performance?


Custom Strategy:

Our team develops unique strategies for each of our clients in order to build thematic campaigns for groups of keywords unique to your app. We don’t implement simple blanket strategies like “brand, competitor, generic and search”.

Custom Product Pages:

Our designers then create Custom Product Pages tailored for each campaign theme in order to improve TTR and CR of your ads. Improving TTR and CR directly impacts your campaign’s CPA, which is what makes Custom Product Pages so effective. The drawback is that scaling the use of Custom Product Pages is time-consuming and complicated for most developers, but our team is able to create CPPs at scale for our clients in order to maximize the opportunity.



MMP Integrations:

Integrate your MMP with SAM in order for us to receive real-time postbacks for your in-app events and revenue reporting. View event revenue, count and cost, down to the keyword-level. Our MMP integrations are easy to set up and are automatically ingested into SAM in order for our team to get real-time, accurate performance on your ads.




One of the main benefits of SAM is the ability to set up automations to be sure your ads are optimized beyond what an individual person is able to do. Our team layers on customized automations to your account, based on goals, MMP metrics and parameters unique to your app. Let SAM optimize your campaigns actively in order to achieve the best results.



Apple Search Ads has become one of the top acquisition channels for many developers, and with the proper fine-tuning and strategies, our clients have been able to dramatically improve core KPIs. Our team can handle the strategy and the execution, while our Search Ads Manager platform unlocks unique capabilities not available within Apple’s UI.

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