WWDC 2024 – iOS 18, AI & ASO Opportunities

Slated to start on June 10th, Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is always a treasure trove for iOS developers and app marketers alike. Each year, this conference reveals Apple’s roadmap on its operating systems and gives hints at upcoming features that will shape the app landscape. WWDC 2024 should prove to be no different, with a focus on iOS 18 and iPadOS 18, the advent of Apple’s AI and more! We’re excited to see how Apple’s incorporation of AI can potentially reshape the App Store from a search and an overall discoverability perspective.

What to Expect at WWDC 2024

  • Apple is significantly investing in AI capabilities for iOS 18. This will drive improvements in existing apps and potentially introduce new AI-powered features (i.e., auto-generated playlists, AI-assisted writing).
  • Focus on on-device AI processing for initial features, but cloud-based options with partners like Google are possible in the future. Could on-device AI require a more powerful chip for only newer devices?
  • Siri enhancements are coming. Expect better conversational abilities, deeper integration with apps (like Messages), and potentially more automation capabilities powered by Shortcuts.
  • Some design updates are expected, including a more customizable Home Screen.
  • Apple Maps improvements are likely with features like custom routes and topographic maps.
  • RCS adoption later in 2024 will significantly improve the texting experience between iPhone and Android users.

Impact on App Store Optimization

  • AI-Driven Algorithm Updates: Apple’s heavy investment in AI means the App Store search algorithm is likely to get even smarter.
    • Action: Focus on natural language descriptions that focus on readability and NL models to identify keywords and themes. Consider how AI will digest your app’s listing and define its relevancy against competitors.
  • Enhanced Siri Search: A more capable Siri opens new avenues for app discovery through voice commands, along with recommendations based on how users interact with their phone.
    • Action: Consider voice search in your keyword strategy. Consider how users might ask for apps like yours in a conversational way. Using voice search allows users to be more detailed in their searches and it may be beneficial to target more niche, detailed keywords.
  • Spotlight Expansion: Deeper Spotlight integration could provide new, powerful ways for users to interact with apps directly from search results.
    • Action: Tailor your metadata to align with possible Spotlight actions or features that might become available.
  • Revamped Home Screen: Customization means the visibility of app icons could change and user attention might be dispersed.
    • Action: Make your app icon visually captivating and immediately recognizable. Ensure your app’s value proposition is clear in the title and subtitle.
  • New Visual Discoverability: Possible improvements in visual search and AI-generated features hint at increased discoverability through visuals. Potentially new placements throughout the App Store may prove valuable for further creative testing.
    • Action: Prioritize high-quality screenshots and app previews that showcase your app’s core functionality and are aesthetically appealing.


The Evolving App Landscape

WWDC is an annual reminder that the Apple’s software, hardware and the App Store are dynamic. As an ASO agency, it’s our responsibility to help clients navigate this ever-changing environment. The updates announced at WWDC 2024 highlight the need for proactive strategies that address search optimization, compelling visuals, and transparent communication with users.

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