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Apple Search Ads Management: Case Study

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Apple Search Ads Management: Case Study

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Ever since the release of Apple Search Ads, they have served as a great supplement to improve your app’s ASO. Not only do they assist in ASO efforts but Apple Search Ads allow you to reach audiences you might be missing. But, the main question on all our minds is how can you reduce your costs and make your campaigns as efficient as possible? Our Search Ad Management Service answers that question. Here’s some background on Search Ads, and what we’ve done for our clients.

Creating the proper Campaign and Ad Group is the first step in decreasing cost and your Search Ad effectiveness. Without giving away all of our secrets, here are a few tips to get you started.

Search Ads Tips:

  1. Create multiple Campaigns & Ad Groups based on your goals utilizing Search Match, Exact Match, Broad Match & Branded Terms.
  2. Assign a tiered bid structure to focus on your most desirable keywords.
  3. Consistently optimize campaign keywords and negative keywords based on results.
  4. Review data (at least) weekly to understand your CPT & CPA costs.

We manage a number of our clients’ Search Ads campaigns, and we’ve put together data from a campaign we’ve been running for a month. Here is an example of what the correct organization and optimization of Search Ad campaigns can do.


Tap-Through Rate & Conversion Rate


After the initial set up in week 1 we achieved an average tap-through rate of 4.95% and an average conversion rate of 35.43%. With some modifications and adjustments to the keywords in each Campaign/Ad Group we were able to improve both these metrics: 0.32% for TTR and 4.87% for Conversions within the first 3 weeks.

The main measurement for Search Ad efficiency and effectiveness is of course the costs associated. In week 1, our average cost statistics showed: $0.08 per impression, $1.42 per tap and $4.03 per conversion. As we analyzed various Campaign and Ad Group elements, all these costs decreased. The price per impression decreased 25% to $0.06, Cost per Tap (CPT) decreased 21.13% to $1.12 and Cost per Acquisition (CPA) decreased 25.06% to $3.02.


Cost Per Conversion, Impression and Tap


Are you ready to take control of your Search Ads to maximize your visibility and reduce your costs? Contact us today for more information on how we can help you!


Grant Dunham | Senior Data Analyst & Optimization Coordinator |

Grant Dunham
Senior Data Analyst & Optimization Coordinator

After serving 4 years in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry Rifleman at the rank of Corporal, Grant started his professional career with The ASO Project in May of 2015. Grant has an extreme passion for financial & data analysis, and brings a set of analytical skills to better research and coordinate App Store Optimization strategies. His experience in data analysis, along with his attention to detail from the time in the Marine Corps insures the quality of the research and optimizations supplied to our clients to best serve them with their ASO needs.

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