Do App Store ratings and reviews really matter?

Love them or hate them, App Store ratings and reviews are a part of the optimization game. Apple explains that the purpose of ratings and reviews is for users to “give feedback on their experience with an app, request improvements from developers, and help others decide which apps they’d like to try”.

What’s the difference between a rating and a review?

Simple. Users can be prompted to rate your app which allows them to rate between 1 and 5 stars. A review is a written response that users leave with feedback (either positive or negative).

So, do App Store ratings and reviews matter?


App Rankings and Reviews | The ASO Project Blog

Did you know that the average rating of the top 100 Free apps on the App Store is no less than 4 stars?!

Steep ask, but still, this shows that higher ratings are influential and favored in the App Store.

As you move down the ranking scale, you lose consumer willingness to download your app. The opposite, of course, is also true. If your app moves from 2 stars to 4 stars you could potentially raise your conversion rate over 500%!

So how do you achieve this?

How to improve and increase App Store ratings

Value-adding Onboarding – Create an easy user sign up sequence that illustrates a clear understanding of how to navigate and use your app’s main features. By getting users to engage right away, they’ll be more likely to return

Ask at the right time – Prompt users to review your app right after a poignant action like a recent level completion or purchase decision. ASO Protip: You can only ask users to review your app 3 times a year with Apple’s new StoreKit prompt. Make sure they count!

Respond to Reviews – Read user feedback and respond directly. It’s important to craft individual responses that show you are truly listening and understanding your users’ comments. For more information on responding to user reviews. Check out Apple’s complete guide.


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App Rankings and Reviews | The ASO Project Blog

Statistics in this article gathered from Apptentive Consumer Report.


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