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10 Tips for Your App Preview Video

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10 Tips for Your App Preview Video

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App previews highlight the features, functionality and user interface of apps by using footage recorded on a device. In principle, they sound easy. But in actuality? How do you know what to put in your 15-30 seconds of fame in order to maximize your app downloads?


Use these 10 tips to make sure you get the most from your app preview video:



1. Focus on your app’s core features and content

You only have a short window to grab users’ attention, so make it count. Don’t worry about fancy intros that waste time — get right to it. Show off your app’s top features as soon as possible!


2. Use a second and third preview to highlight additional features 

In the App Store, you can have up to 3 preview videos. But if you make more than one, make sure each one shows something new about your app. If your app is full of features consider adding multiple videos to make sure you demonstrate all of the key features.


3. Storyboards are your friend 

You only have 15-30 seconds per video to show off your app. Make sure you make them count by planning out the features that need to be shown of your app.


4. Make sure your preview only contains footage from the app itself

This means no shots of people on their phones using your app. Apple requires that all footage is taken directly from your app, otherwise they’ll reject your video. You can definitely implement text, transitions and cut scenes of non-app usage into your video, but limit the amount of screen time these elements get and focus on the UI.


5. Remember your audience

App previews are for everyone, which means they need to be made with everyone in mind. Your app preview can’t have any violence, sexual themes, profanity and/or objectionable content.


6. Utilize “touch hotspots” to help show how users interact with the app

Highlighting the areas on the screen where the user is “touching” during the video can be helpful for viewers following along. This will also help give users a better look at what it’s like to use your app.


7. Choose your poster frame wisely

Poster frames show up whenever app previews don’t autoplay. This makes it important to choose a visually compelling shot of your app footage, so users will still feel inclined to tap on it. 


8. Choosing audio

If your app has a soundtrack with it, consider using the same music in your app preview. This can help establish continuity and functionality within your app. Apple does allow voiceovers, but they recommend a high-quality or professional voiceover.


9. Using copy

App previews are muted by default on the App Store, so adding copy to you footage is always a good idea. This helps to give context to your audience as to what is happening in the video. Utilizing text cut scenes helps a user understand more about what they’re seeing — remember, this could be the first time they’ve ever seen your app.


10. Transitions

If you use transitions in your preview video, Apple recommends keeping them simple. You don’t want to add in any fancy transitions that give off the idea that there is some sort of functionality in your app that it doesn’t have. Transitions like dissolves and fades are best for app previews.


For more information/recommendations check out Apple’s Developer Guidelines for App Preview Videos.

For a detailed overview of specifications from sizing to formatting, check out Apple’s App Preview Specifications.


The above tips give you a great starting place from which to launch your own app preview. Follow them and you’ll have yourself a preview video that shows users everything that they want (and didn’t know they want) to see from your app.


Want help creating an awesome preview video? Stuck on keywords or screenshots?

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Liv Ade | Head of Project Management |

Liv Ade
Head of Project Management

Graduating from Wheaton College (IL), Liv started working with the ASO Project in 2019. She ran marketing campaigns for GloDev, inc. as an intern and has worked as a designer for the Wheaton College Athletics Office, football and crew teams. A former college athlete, Liv's drive to constantly improve translates to our clients receiving increasingly refined solutions for their ASO needs.


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