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Google Increases Title Character Limit for Apps

Posted on

Google Increases Title Character Limit for Apps

Posted on

As of today, developers are now able to utilize up to 50 characters for their Google Play Store app’s title. The previous limit of 30 characters made it a challenge for apps to utilize their main keywords. An app’s title is one of the most important parts of App Store Optimization and, when properly optimized, can provide major keyword ranking improvements.


In the days after this change, we experimented with our “App Lab” apps, and implemented new titles for some clients, and the initial results look strong:

Google Play App Installs Chart

Our apps and client apps have seen increase in keyword rankings almost immediately. This needs to be carefully implemented, because we’ve observed some competitors that have just crammed in additional keywords which has resulted in ranking drops. Format the additional characters as a tagline and make sure it’s human “readable” (as all of your ASO elements should be!).

We advise developers take advantage of this new limit and focus on their most important keywords to utilize in their titles.

Grant Dunham | Senior Data Analyst & Optimization Coordinator |

Grant Dunham
Senior Data Analyst & Optimization Coordinator

After serving 4 years in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry Rifleman at the rank of Corporal, Grant started his professional career with The ASO Project in May of 2015. Grant has an extreme passion for financial & data analysis, and brings a set of analytical skills to better research and coordinate App Store Optimization strategies. His experience in data analysis, along with his attention to detail from the time in the Marine Corps insures the quality of the research and optimizations supplied to our clients to best serve them with their ASO needs.

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