How to get featured in the App Store

It’s highly coveted, elusive and if you can land one, it’s going to pay off big time. It’s the feature spot in the App Store!

When you secure a featured spot in the App Store, you are sure to see a spike in downloads and installs. Just check out the results that two of our clients experienced after a feature:

Results of an App Store Feature | How to get featured on the App Store | App Store Optimization


Results of an App Store Feature | How to get featured on the App Store | App Store Optimization


It’s every developer’s dream to achieve a spot in the App Store’s featured section, but what’s a dev to do in order to get a feature?  It’s important to have a solid App Store Optimization foundation that shows Apple you have an excellent, high-quality product.


Here is a comprehensive list of ASO tasks that you need to address:

  • Utilize appropriate keywords – curate your list of keywords based on search volume, brand identity, and competitors
  • Optimize title and subtitle – use your 30 characters to their best ability!
  • Consistently update Promotional Text – highlight new features and additional updates
  • Design appealing graphics – create an enticing app icon, optimize your screenshots to visual & conversion benefit and include app preview videos to highlight the unique features of your app
  • Pay attention to reviews – build a strong library of reviews and actively respond to users in order to improve your app
  • Use new Apple technologies – Apple appreciates that apps that implement their latest and greatest technologies – i.e. AR kit, Core ML, SiriKit, MusicKit etc.


Other items that Apple specifically lists that they want to see are:

  • Above average UX/UI
  • Localization (what is localization?)
  • Overall performance and quality
  • Exciting gameplay, audio and visuals
  • Unique app functionality

What to expect after a feature:

The obvious benefit is an influx of installs. But did you know that after you get featured, you’re likely to continue to see an install benefit from improved rankings? By utilizing an ASO strategy, you can capitalize on the influx of installs and increased download velocity to rank better for your keywords and subsequently enjoy a prolonged state of impressions, pageviews and installs. It’s true! Features are the gift that keep on giving. It’s a great idea to use your feature status to market your app as well! Brag a little; why not? But remember, it all starts with a high-quality, well-optimized app!


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