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The ASO Project AppsFlyer Integration

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The ASO Project AppsFlyer Integration

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For serious publishers, there’s nothing more crucial than accurate data. The more data you have, the better. Accurate data helps publishers make critical decisions on implementing new features, how to spend marketing dollars, and how to grow user installations. In the world of mobile analytics, this proves to be a complicated task.

The Attribution Challenge

One of the main challenges for publishers is attribution. iTunesConnect, Google Play and Amazon built-in analytics provide very little data when it comes to installs and downloads. In order to maximize the effectiveness of campaigns and acquisition methods, it’s crucial to attribute those installs to a specific source, and understand the ROI on those users.

As a performance-based App Store Optimization agency, The ASO Project can also face attribution challenges. In order to keep an accurate metric of performance with our clients, we need to be able to differentiate organic installs from paid installs and other external sources.

The Attribution Solution

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with AppsFlyer as their only ASO-specific integration partner. AppsFlyer users now have the ability to add The ASO Project as a media source in order to analyze and track organic installs.

Our optimization methods rely heavily on an app’s data. We pride ourselves as being extremely data-driven, instead of making choices based on opinion. In the world of ASO, there are a lot of false narratives out there on what does and doesn’t impact an app’s optimization. The ASO Project was founded on data and experience. We built our own technology that processes massive amounts of data in order to understand the stores and how they rank apps.

With the integration to AppsFlyer, this data only gets better. Our clients are getting more exact data, attributing our successes, and streamlining the data collection and optimization process. This integration creates a much more efficient relationship between The ASO Project and the client, and allows us to understand the app and its users better.

ASO Beyond Keywords

Many people approach App Store Optimization in a one-dimensional way. They think the answer to more installs is modifying keywords. In reality, ASO goes far beyond that. ASO requires attention to conversion rates, in-app events and retention. At The ASO Project, we’re focused on all of those elements, and it’s all we do. We pick apart each section of an app’s ASO and find the opportunities that “platforms” and “know-it-all bloggers” fail to identify.

AppsFlyer Integration How-To

So you have AppsFlyer, and you want to integrate with The ASO Project? Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: On the main page of your dashboard, click on the “Media Source Configuration” link on the left-hand side of the page.

"Media Source Configuration" The ASO Project  AppsFlyer Integration

Step 2: On the Media Source Configuration page, there’s a search bar. In the search bar, type “aso” or “The ASO Project” and you’ll see our logo. Click on our logo in order to add our integration to your account.

The ASO Project  AppsFlyer Integration Step 2

Step 3: You’re done! It’s that easy. From there, we can track and analyze organic install data and help you to maximize your ASO efforts.

What Now?

Feel free to contact us and let us know that your app is now integrated with our channel. We’ll provide an initial analysis and dig into your app’s ASO opportunities. Oh yea, we’ll do this for FREE! Contact us now.

Our dedication to ASO is unrivaled and we want the opportunity to prove it.

ASO Tip of the Month: Description readability is crucial! Apple will soon follow Google’s lead and value description wording, keyword structure, and human-readability. This will put more pressure on developer’s to structure iOS descriptions in an ASO friendly way. Pay a little more attention to your description, use keywords and make sure it is still readable.

Todd Dunham | CEO & Co-Founder |

Todd Dunham
CEO & Co-Founder

An expert in the technology field, Todd owned a development company prior to co-founding The ASO Project, launching websites and applications used by hundreds of thousands of users across the globe. As CEO, Todd oversees all operational aspects of The ASO Project, and was integral in developing The ASO Project's proprietary algorithm and scoring methods used in the ASO process. Todd has vast experience with the App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Store, deploying apps through all different categories. As a former four year NCAA Division I baseball player, Todd understands and appreciates the competitive and fast paced world of technology. Always improving our software, Todd is a large factor in keeping The ASO Project ahead of the competition.


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