Hack your app’s potential with viral loops

Chances are you have Uber or Lyft on your phone. These ridesharing apps have skyrocketed in users over the last few years due to their mastering of viral loops.

What is a viral loop?

Viral loops involve delighting customers with your product, incentivizing them to share it with their friends, those friends become new users and the loop begins again.

Simple right?

How to build viral loops:

To achieve a viral loop you need a few things in place for your app to grow.

1. Optimize your app page:

You need a fully optimized app store page to capture new users attention and get them to download and install your app.

Your icon, screenshots, preview videos and header images need to be eye-catching and deliver your app’s unique selling points in a concise and enticing way.

For an app store page health checklist, check out our ASO Checklist Challenge here.

2. Build your incentive program:

Uber and Lyft were able to achieve growth utilizing simple referral codes. Users shared them with friends and family for free or discounted rides for quick user adoption.

Why have your friend pay for the ride when they can give you a code and you can get a new ride for free?

Another recent app that has risen to meteoric fame with the assistance of incentive loops is HQ Trivia. This app gives money away twice a day through live trivia games. The catch? As you play, the questions get really damn hard. The best way to keep playing? Get an extra life!

How did HQ allow users to get an extra life?

A referral code 😉.

See where we’re going here? It’s easy to offer an incentive to existing users that helps you gain new users quickly when you know what makes them tick!

3. Publicize your incentive program:

There are various ways to bring users in to participate in your new incentive program. Social media is a huge opportunity, especially when partnering with influencers. Here at The ASO Project, we have a large network of high engagement influencers available for partnerships in promoting your viral loops for your app. Get in touch here.

Different types of incentives for apps:

Cash incentive: In this loop both the giver and receiver are rewarded with a monetary incentive. This can be a coupon, discount or money towards a product or service

Goal-driven: Users might want to achieve a goal like an extra life for a game or points towards a free purchase.

Social causes: People love sharing content that benefits various social causes. It’s easy to go viral when there’s an emotional driver behind your incentive program.

Ready to start your own viral loops? Which tactic will you choose? Tell us in the comments below and feel free to ask questions. our team is always here to help you get the most out of your app!



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