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5 reasons to invest in ASO services this quarter

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5 reasons to invest in ASO services this quarter

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As an app developer, there are a million of things you worry about on a daily basis.

First and foremost, “where are my downloads at today?”

Then,  “how can we stay on top of our competition?”

Even, “should we launch an update now or will this confuse our users?”

The list goes on and on and it turns the thing which was once your passion project into, perhaps, your worst nightmare.

What if I were to tell you that you can focus on developing, designing and new ventures and leave the worrying in the past? Well, I’m telling you, it’s possible, and the answer is investing in App Store Optimization services. No matter what stage you would classify your app, there are many reasons why ASO services will help you meet your unique goals.

5 reasons to invest in ASO services this quarter:

You’ve laid the foundation for a great app, but you can’t cost-effectively obtain installs.

So your app is great — it functions well for your users, you’re gaining positive feedback but the number of installs are lacking. There are many tactics to solving this problem including paid advertising, Search Ads and App Store Optimization among others. Now it’s your job to figure out how to obtain installs in the most cost-effective way possible. Paid advertising is a great way to gain installs and grow your user base, but once you stop paying, the installs also stop. Similarly, Search Ads are proving to be very cost-effective for most apps, and can be leveraged to gain valuable insights about your app’s keywords, but again, when you stop spending, you stop getting installs.

Now, let’s talk about organic installs. If you’re ranking well for high volume keywords and continuing to optimize your ASO and conversions, the installs never end. High volume keywords will never drop to no volume overnight, so the installs are going to be sustainable and a very cost-effective approach for acquiring quality users without a massive investment. This can’t be said about many other install sources!

You rank in search but don’t get enough downloads on a daily basis.

So now you’re dedicated to improving your organic installs, but ranking well is the first part of the uphill ASO battle. First and foremost there needs to be a focus on your keywords and text optimizations in order to index and rank for your top keywords. Outside of text, there are more optimization tactics that can be applied. For example, your graphics may need to be updated and A/B tested, your app can probably use additional online exposure in the form of backlinks and content marketing. All of these elements can ultimately be improving your app’s rankings and convert the highest amount of users possible.

Your app is getting a consistent number of installs, but you want to accelerate its growth.

Now that your app is ranking well for your top keywords, the hard part is to find additional opportunities and terms that can also provide value. At the end of the day, the goal is to rank well for as many keywords as possible. By adding a well-constructed Search Ads campaign, you’re able to gain a ton of insight into your most valuable keywords, how they convert and the interest level of the users searching that term. By pushing a little Search Ad spend behind your already succeeding app, you can truly see an ROI on your ASO strategy.

Your app is gaining traction, but you’re struggling to beat out your competition.

There’s always going to be competition in the world of apps, and something you’ll always have to deal with in an ASO strategy. Is there a competitor or two constantly pushing you down in search? You could benefit from adding link building to your ASO services wishlist! Building up your web traffic and exploring additional avenues for installs can be a way to outpace the competition.

You’re on top of the world. Your app ranks well organically, your Search Ads are on point but you can’t afford to get beat out by a competitor.

Face it, your competition is growing and is most likely hungrier for that top spot. Your #1 priority should be focusing on how you can improve your app and stay ahead. Time to test, refine and repeat. A/B testing your app page is crucial to staying current with trends and converting your ideal user group. Refreshing graphics to highlight new features, and editing your app messaging to stay current can be extremely beneficial.

An effective ASO strategy is very fluid, always changing and always evolving. You may rank very well in the iOS 10 App Store, but have you considered the changes coming in iOS 11? How will that impact your app? What about algorithm changes, growing competition, and other store changes?


The good news is that we stay on top of all of these things for our clients. We make sure that our clients are optimized, efficient and always evolving to beat the competition. This is perhaps the biggest reason to invest in ASO services this quarter for your app. If you’re interested in learning more about ASO services, contact us today.

Erin Schnittker | Lead Designer & Marketing Manager |

Erin Schnittker
Lead Designer & Marketing Manager

Erin Schnittker is a graphic design & digital marketing expert with 8 years of experience in content strategy, creation and design. She has worked on a significant number of household brand names, successfully optimizing their inbound marketing schemes to best attract, covert, close and delight consumers on an international basis. Erin’s unique understanding of user behavior and App Store Optimization, has proven to be a winning combination when applied to the creative optimization of our clients’ apps.

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