How to split test on iOS [w/ Search Ads Creative Sets]

Today, Apple announced a new advanced feature for Search Ads. You can now adjust the creative being shown on your ads to be more relevant to individual audiences or keyword groups. This feature is called Creative Sets.

Creative sets pull from the preview videos and screenshots you upload to your product page. Now the recent expansion in iOS 11 to include up to 10 screenshots makes even more sense! You can have up to 10 Creative Sets per ad group.

While this isn’t the main objective of the feature, this leads us to the exciting new ability that Creative Sets brings; the answer to the question being asked for years:

Can you split test on iOS?

Today we answer this question: yes!

Well, don’t get too excited. This isn’t the same as split testing on Google Play and not the direct intent of the new feature.

Here’s what you can do: With the limitations on creative assets being 3 videos and 10 screenshots, we can create multiple Ad Sets within Search Ads to utilize each video and measure results. Similarly, why not create two (or three!) distinctly “different” sets of screenshots and create multiple Ad Sets that utilize each “version”?

You’re not necessarily going to get as direct an answer of which creatives to go with as you would in products like StoreMaven.

However, you can definitely pull insights from the performance of the creative you show in your ad sets and what you run in the first 3 screenshots available on your organic product listing.

This will inform you as to which creative pieces resonate most with your general audience and specific audiences (as set in your Search Ads Creative Sets).

This means more clarity to your creative strategy and ultimately more conversions from an informed decision-making process!

While it isn’t a direct A/B testing method, Creative Sets definitely is a step towards the ability to split test on iOS!

If you want to learn more about Creative Sets, visit Apple’s help page here.

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