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5 tips to update your ASO for the Summer

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5 tips to update your ASO for the Summer

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With most cities in the US starting to see an uptick in their daily temperatures, it’s apparent that spring has officially sprung.  Goodbye winter coats, snow shoveling and all things frigid and drab — sunnier, warmer days have come to play! But how do you make sure that your app stays relevant amongst all the spring cleaning, road trips and days outside? Check out these tips to make sure the sun doesn’t cast a shadow over your app.


  1. Update your icon – During the winter, you might have added some winter themed designs to your icon (ice, snow, etc…). However, it’s time again to spruce things up and thaw it out! Consider incorporating some spring elements into your icon; lighter colors, sunshine and all things summer!
  2. Add some seasonal elements to your screenshots – Screenshots are one of the main elements of your app’s conversion rate, so it’s crucial to keep them updated and relevant to the time of year. Let’s consider shopping apps. Users who are looking to update their wardrobes for the warm weather, and it’s a great time to edit screenshots to highlight swimwear, dresses, shorts, short-sleeve shirts and other seasonally relevant apparel. Sports apps? The MLB is heating up, the NBA/NHL playoffs are in action, and the PGA Tour is well underway. Considering updating your screenshots and preview video to utilize the current sport seasons.
  3. Update your app title & subtitle – Adding in a spring-related title or subtitle to your app can make a difference when people are browsing through the app stores. eBay has updated their title on the App Store to “Buy & Sell this Spring – eBay.” A lot of people are definitely participating in “spring cleaning” and eBay is trying to capture those users looking to sell their old stuff!
  4. Add in some spring/summer themed perks and challenges – I’m sure you’ve noticed “Pokemon Go” has been trending recently as more and more users are getting back outside. Pokemon Go has increased their Apple Search Ads efforts and has been adding new features to try and get users back into the app as the warmer weather comes back. If your app or game depends on warm weather, now is the time to retarget those users you lost during the winter. Adding new content and features is a great way to encourage a re-download! Also, creating re-targeting campaigns in Apple Search Ads can be a great way to get in front of the users that left you when the snow fell.
  5. School-aged users have more time, but less word-of-mouth – When kids get out of school, they inevitably have more time on their hands to be on the phones and tablets. Consider how your game can engage and retain these users throughout the summer. Another consideration is that the word-of-mouth installs are likely to decrease once they’re not around classmates every day. Consider new options for vitality like referral codes, social posting and other ways for users to share your app with friends.


The thawing of the earth gives you the perfect chance to breath new life into your ASO strategy and see your app soar through the sunny digital skies! Ready to start your spring and summer domination? Contact us to meet with one of our ASO experts to get a custom-tailored plan for you!

Liv Ade | Head of Project Management |

Liv Ade
Head of Project Management

Graduating from Wheaton College (IL), Liv started working with the ASO Project in 2019. She ran marketing campaigns for GloDev, inc. as an intern and has worked as a designer for the Wheaton College Athletics Office, football and crew teams. A former college athlete, Liv's drive to constantly improve translates to our clients receiving increasingly refined solutions for their ASO needs.


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