Increase Your Conversion Rate

Our design team manages the creation and split testing of all on-page graphic assets. Conversion rates play a major role when it comes to increasing downloads, but also, did you know that conversion rates actually are extremely important when it comes to keyword rankings? Higher conversion rate means better rankings.
Convert more users and increase installs
Our team handles the process from start to finish:
Our team of designers can manage the entire design process, and we have no limitations to our work, so our team will work non-stop to design graphic assets that will convert.
We split test everything that we design. Our team creates and monitors every split tests to make sure we're setting up effective tests and obtaining actionable insights.
After successful split tests, our team implements the winning variants and makes sure all sizes and elements are properly added to each store listing.
Design, test, iterate and convert
At The ASO Project, we approach conversion rate optimization very aggressively, but consistently identifying and testing new opportunities. Our team is constantly iterating on new designs and concepts to identify areas to improve conversion. We look at each store individually, along with the keywords brining users to the page to tailor solutions to each store and country.
Design & Split Testing
Our team split tests every possible graphic asset on your app's page. The icon, screenshots, and feature graphic (on the Play Store) all factor in to how effectively your app converts users. A simple icon change can lead to 20-30% conversion increases! For SEGA, we identified an opportunity to position Sonic differently on one of their flagship games, and we were able to achieve a significant conversion increase!
App Store vs Play Store
The App Store is completely different than the Play Store, and needs to be treated that way. Styles that work on the Play Store, do not always work on the App Store and vice versa. We create assets for each store and test them independently to effectively tailor assets to the layouts and positioning of each store.
Graphics Localization
Our localization capabilities also extend to our conversion rate optimization service. We localize graphic assets for additional countries and even test completely different assets across different countries to determine what works. We run split tests on a per-country basis to determine what works effectively for each geo and language.
Search Ads Optimization
Our team leverages Custom Product Pages in Apple Search Ads in order to better optimize screenshots for specific campaigns. The key to effective Custom Product Page utilization is creating thematic ad groups and keyword sets to understand user behavior and conversion based on the keywords being searched.
Improve your conversion rates
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