Client Dashboard

Data is key when it comes to a successful ASO strategy. In order to visualize and maximize this data for our clients, we've created a custom dashboard in order to provide the best possible experience. Our dashboard tracks all the important things when it comes to ASO, including keyword rankings, reviews, back link data and much more. We've also assembled a number of tools to aid in the research and optimization process.

App Store Optimization Tool
Get a quick summary of your app's metrics. Quickly check your category rankings for the last 30 days across the entire store. Discover your biggest "winner" and "loser" keywords over the last 24 hours. Visualize your review breakdown for the last 2 weeks by charting your app's "positive" (3 stars or better) and "negative" (1 or 2 star) reviews. Understand your link metrics to measure growth and quantity of backlinks and referring domains.
App Store Optimization Tool - App Details
Research any app in any country in any language. Review the app's graphic elements, along with their metadata. Measure keyword density of the description and app, along with how those terms are used in the app title and subtitle (or short description). We also provide category ranking data, along with the valuable backlink and referring domain history for the last 30 days.
App Store Optimization Tool - Keyword Tracking
The core metric of any successful ASO strategy: keyword tracking. Track keywords across any country and view your app's 24 hour ranking change. In addition to rankings, you can research the top apps with a list of real-time search results for that term. We also provide Search Volume for keywords where we utilize the Apple Search Ad volume data for App Store keywords and assign an estimation of volume on Google Play Store keywords.
App Store Optimization Tool - Keyword Research & Volume
Keyword research is a crucial part of the ASO process. Understanding Search Volume and competition is important to deciding if that term is a target for your efforts. We provide Search Volume, along with the number of apps that are displayed for that search term. You'll also be presented with a list of apps that rank for that term in real-time, along with a list of recommended terms.
App Store Optimization Tool - Keyword Research
Keyword density is a huge factor in Google Play optimizations. Where, along with how frequently, you use a specific has a huge impact on how an algorithm indexes that term. With our keyword density tool, you can quickly dissect an app's metadata to understand the most commonly used keywords.
App Store Optimization Tool - Review Tracking
Understanding user feedback enables you to improve your app and pinpoint issues. We scrape reviews in [almost] real-time to provide the most updated list of reviews. Get breakdowns for any time period and filter only the best, or only the worst reviews to find out what users do and don't like.
App Store Optimization Tool - Link Building for ASO
Link Building is a commonly neglected, yet important factor in an effective ASO strategy. By building backlinks and creating content, we are able to influence web rankings and the Google Play Store algorithm. Link building can be a challenge, so we've provided a quick and easy way to track where your links are coming from, and understand the value coming from those links.
App Store Optimization Tool - Link Building for ASO
Backlink and referring domain metrics are not strictly a quantity approach. Growth, link to domain ratio and link quality all come in to play. We've built a comparison tool that researches the link data for any app in the store so that you can quickly build a comparison chart to understand what the landscape looks like across your competitors.
App Store Optimization Tool - App Store Top Charts & Play Store Top Charts
Research the top apps in any category, in any country, on both the App Store and Play Store. Find out what the top apps are doing in order to stay ahead of the rest. Watch the biggest movers, identify trends and optimize accordingly. Understanding what the top apps are doing in other countries is the first step to a successful localization strategy. Research the charts to stay ahead!
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