Custom Pricing

The goal of our pricing model is to structure a plan that makes sense for each individual app. Sometimes, apps have various reasons that a our pricing packages don't fit. We want to provide a plan that makes the most sense for our clients, and we're willing to creating a customized pricing plan. Whether it's our performance-based pricing model, or a modified version of it, we want to make your ASO goals possible. See below for the details on how our performance-based pricing works. Contact us to find out what other custom options we have available for you.

Because our pricing is based on our performance, there has to be a metric for the starting point. We refer to that metric as the Baseline. The Baseline is defined by the average number of organic installs the app receives per day. This baseline is mutually determined number, based on the app's analytics.

When it comes to paid acquisition, you know exactly what you're paying for, and if you are measuring correctly, you know exactly what you are getting for those dollars. We modeled our pricing after this in order for our clients to feel confident in what they're paying for. Too many times have clients come to us with poor previous experiences with ASO agencies. Our pricing model solves this problem, and provides data to justify the cost.

A common question we hear is "how do we know what installs come from your efforts?". That is where the Baseline, and our analytics partner integrations factor in. We establish that baseline in order to make a clear starting point, and an easily attributable lift. By taking advantage of our analytics partner integrations, our clients have the ability to add us into their attribution channels and we receive real-time postback information. This allows us to make quick optimization decisions, and keep an accurate count of installs.

Every client is different and many have special circumstances that need to be addressed early on. We learn about our clients, and we treat each one differently. Our Noise Factor is a built in understanding of how their businesses or apps work. Clients will inevitably experience "download spikes" for a number of different reasons. Past clients have been featured by Apple, mentioned on a large scale blog, have seasonal download surges, partner with another app, etc. We consider all of these within our Noise Factor. Being featured by Apple can drive hundreds of thousands of downloads in a short period of time. Our job is not to capitalize on downloads generated from methods independent of ASO. We are in close contact with clients, and many share their marketing campaigns with us in order to back out any "noise." We are very flexible with our Noise Factor, and will pause billing until the Noise dies down. We never expect to be compensated for downloads that we do not generate.