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Get your Apple Search Ads managed by our team armed with years of experience, proprietary automations and programmatic technologies. With The ASO Project, you get the technology and man-power needed to succeed. Don't wait, schedule your account review today.
Increase your Apple Search Ads ROI
The ASO Project team has years of experience and manages millions of dollars for our clients. In addition to experience, our team is armed with our own proprietary technology and API that gives us unique automations and programmatic capabilites.
Our team is full of Apple Search Ads experts with years of experience. The attention of an account manager is critical to the success of an Apple Search Ads strategy.
We're so invested in Apple Search Ads that we developed our own entire platform and API. Our team is armed with a streamlined, powerful platform to improve efficiency and success rates.
What is even better than an expert account manager? An expert account manager armed with custom automations and programmatic capabilities. Our technology takes Apple Search Ads to the next level.
Experts AND technology means better results
Our team has an extremely deep knowledge of the Apple Search Ads platform and capabilities. Which is why we knew it wasn't enough. We needed our own platform and custom capabilities to be able to maximize our efficiency and the effectiveness of our strategies. Our platform introduces custom automations and programmatic technologies, from bid management, keyword discovery, ad scheduling, budgeting modifications and much more.
Custom Dashboard
Our custom dashboard makes it easy for our team to provide accurate reporting on the main KPIs and metrics of your campaigns. Data visualization is crucial to the success of an Apple Search Ads strategy, and our dashboard was built with this in mind.
Advanced Scheduling
Did you know Apple's built-in ad scheduling is based on the user's timezone? That means your scheduling is inconsistent for users you're targeting. One of our API's many automations is the ability to schedule your ads based on your account's timezone, which provides consistent timing of your ads for all users.
Automated Targeting
Apple provides targeting dimensions based on device, new/returning users, gender, location and age range. By targeting specific dimensions, you're able to identify KPIs on the demographic level. Our system is capable of creating a single ad group, or hundreds ad groups with one click in order to target all available dimensions and combinations.
Keyword Automations
Our advanced keyword tool, powered by data directly from Apple, provides recommendations and identifies new keywords to constantly improve campaigns. Additionally, we provide automations and rules for maximizing bidding, managing negative keywords and identifying new keywords.
Split Testing
Our team utilizes Creative Ad Sets for Split Testing new screenshots and videos. Measuring tap-through-rate and conversion rate enables us to determine the highest performing creative for your app's listing. With the announcement of iOS 15, Apple has introduced Custom Store Pages, which will take split testing in Apple Search Ads to another level. Using these custom pages, we will be able to serve customized screenshots 100% of the time for specific ad groups.
MMP Integrations
Our system integrates with your MMP to track downstream events like revenue, app opens, registrations and other key events. We are then able to implement automations and optimizations based on post-install performance.
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The ASO Project
The ASO Project is a full-service App Store Optimization agency that provides technology and services to both startups and large global brands including Keeper Security, Nickelodeon, SEGA, CBS Sports and more. Our services include Search Visibility Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Apple Search Ads Management, Preview Video Creation and more! Our team conducts research and analysis utilizing our proprietary technologies and trained experts to provide a complete optimization strategy, executed every step of the way by our team. The result of our efforts is an improvement in overall visibility in the app stores, conversion rate increases and overall install growth across all channels.