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The ASO Project is the leading full-service App Store Optimization agency offering premium level ASO services. We provide ASO solutions for some of the world's leading apps by utlizing integrations with top analytics providers such as AppsFlyer, Adjust and Kochava. Founded by both mobile and desktop organic search experts, The ASO Project has developed proprietary technology to enhance app visibility and conversions, resulting in exponential increases in organic downloads for our industry leading clients.
Full Service ASO
The ASO Project provides full service ASO. We cover all areas of your app in order to maximize your downloads. Check out our services for more information.
Proprietary Technology
We've developed proprietary technology that learns and evolves with the latest search algorithms. Using numerous data sources, we analyze tens of thousands of keywords every day.
Fully Managed Strategy
We provide a fully managed solution. We become your company's dedicated resource for all things ASO. We handle the optimization process from top to bottom.
Performance-Based Pricing
The ASO Project is the only ASO agency on the market that has a performance-based pricing model. Check out our pricing for the detailed explanation.
Apple, Android & Amazon
Is your app available in multiple app stores? No problem. Our services and algorithm cover the App Store, Play Store and Amazon Store.
Solutions Beyond Keywords
Content marketing, PR, Link Building and Search Ad Management. Check out our services to learn about our full array of solutions.



Our clients see up to a 300% higher ARPU of Organic users versus Paid users. Are you dedicating enough time to your ASO strategy? Let us help.

Case Studies

Lifestyle (Dating)

Dating apps in the App Store face strong competition from huge brands with massive budgets. Our clients wanted to maximize their organic reach to acquire users without the enormous spend of paid acquisition. In the time we've worked with this client, their app impressions have increased by 75%, page views by 179% and app units (installs) by 290%. Working on this app has been a challenge, but since we began, that app has acheived (believe it or not) twenty #1 ranked keywords. Check out the results below to see the consistent growth from working on all facets of App Store Optimization.
The Results


In a competitive section of the App Store, this developer's goal was to rank higher for the top keywords in the category. The ASO Project identitfied two specific keywords that were driving a majority of organic installs. Our optimizations focused on those keywords specific keywords, and you're able to see the results below. The category this app is in contains some large developers with big budgets, so it's crucial to obtain the maximum amount of organic exposure. Through very targeted, specified optimizations we were able to raise the rank for the two most important keywords.
The Results

Link Building

Our client's main keyword was dominated by a 4 year old app owned by a publicly traded company, with over 1 million installs and has held the #1 position for over a year. Our client is a 7 month old startup company, and their app had only 20,000 total installs at the time we began link building. By researching the competitor, we learned their link building efforts were "passive" as opposed to our "active" approach. By aggressively building high quality links, we were able to pass their top competitor and achieve the #1 position within 45 days of beginning our campaign. See the graphs below for the competitor's stats, versus our client's.
The Results


Matthew Crown
CEO @ Klique
It’s been great working with The ASO Project. In just a few weeks we were able to increase our downloads 500% and we keep climbing. By adjusting our keywords and having professional screenshots it’s made an incredible difference. Really looking forward to progressing and continuing to work with The ASO Project!
Cale Pritchett
VP of Marketing @ The Teaching Company
A few short months into our engagement with The ASO Project, we were generating subscription revenue, experiencing conversion rates above our expectations, raking well for our primary keywords, and featured by Apple in the App Store. I highly recommend The ASO Project for Enterprise App Store Optimization services.
Daniel Mester
Co-Founder @ Playgem
I've worked directly with The ASO Project team on our ASO for over 12 months now. We previously worked with an agency that wasn't able to improve installs, and barely impacted conversion rates. Since working with The ASO Project, our backgammon app has greatly improved rankings for our main keyword "backgammon". On the Play Store, we were previously ranked 9-12 consistently, we've improved as high as the 3-5 positions. On the App Store, our app has improved to being consistently in the number 1-3 spots.
Manshu Agarwal
CEO @ Spritzr
Working with Todd and Blake at The ASO Project has been highly valuable. Not only have they helped us increase conversion rates on the app stores, but they've also built up our visibility tremendously through dedicated quality link-building. They're also a pleasure to work with.